Sharon Elliott’s Story: Founder & Executive Director of WSITG

Cell Import Oct 1 2013 871Hello, my name is Sharon Elliott.  My credentials include a BS in Mechanical Engineering, and a MBA.  In addition to this, I am an Actress/ Model, and a Real Estate Broker/ Investor.

 Ironically, I had to leave my corporate profession early on due to my diagnosis in 1999, and symptoms of Multiple Sclerosis (MS).  As a result, I founded a not for profit organization in 2003 called Women Standing in the Gap (WSITG), to Educate, Encourage, Inspire, Motivate and Uplift people affected by Multiple Sclerosis and other chronic illnesses.  

 Women Standing In The Gap (WSITG) was inspired by my own personal challenges.  I was diagnosed during the prime of my life while working full time at a company that I had been with for over 7 years.  I was looking forward to fully utilizing my MBA degree in the corporate world.  However, shortly after my official diagnosis, my health challenges drastically changed my life.   I could no longer perform my job due to excruciating pain and numbness; and medication, which made me extremely groggy.  Thus, my focus changed.  I had to undertake a new career, managing the MS.

I have been through a tremendous amount with this health challenge, mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually etc., that I feel compelled to share my experiences with others and help those who are going through as well.  I realize that people do not understand the issues that a person with a health challenge faces, and thus the person is misunderstood, especially when the symptoms ARE INVISIBLE.  Through my journey, the Lord has given me several tests for my testimonies.

I have been using my God given gifts and talents to write, produce, and act in a show with Monologues about MS, called, “My Story Monologues”.  As the ups and downs of  health challenges are revealed, stories will be portrayed about faith, hope, courage, determination, and love.

The production inspires people to never give up no matter what obstacles they may be faced with. They demonstrate how to turn ones tests into testimonies.  In addition to this, the show addresses the emotional, physical, spiritual, and mental aspects that one may endure as we travel through this journey called, LIFE. The principles showcased may be applied to our daily lives.

Moreover, I have been acting and modeling since the 90s.  In addition to numerous print work, I have had lead roles in various commercials, plays, industrial films and videos; have hosted television shows; and had principal roles in web series. 
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 I look forward to continuing to Educate, Encourage, Inspire, Motivate and Uplift people affected by Multiple Sclerosis and other chronic illnesses. 

Sharon Elliott
Founder & Executive Director
Women Standing In The Gap

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