My Story Monologues By Sharon M. Elliott

My Story Monologues is a production written by Sharon M. Elliott.  She  tells her story about her battle with Multiple Sclerosis.  Faith, Hope, Courage, Determination, and Love, are shown through monologues of people affected by Multiple Sclerosis.  This production will inspire one to never give up no matter what obstacles they may be faced with, and show how to turn tests into testimonies.

Furthermore, the show addresses the Emotional, Physical, Spiritual, and Mental aspects that people may endure as they are faced with many of life’s challenges.  The stories also explore the Power of the Tongue, and People’s Actions. Please come out and support this production.

Saturday May 24th, 2014 Flyer

8.5 x 11 Flyer My Story Monologue


Saturday May 24th, 2014 Postcard